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Guys, this is SO BAD.The premier episode started with 3.27 million viewers. This means that Hannibal’s ratings has dropped by .81 MILLION VIEWERS. To put this in perspective, Blue Bloods, a very popular show that has the same air slot as Hannibal, averages 11.87 million viewers per episode! 

The first season of Hannibal averaged around 4.36 million viewers and it was almost cancelled because of it. Imagine what’s going to happen if 2.64 million becomes the norm; Hannibal will be cancelled. 

Hannibal has an amazing cast and we all love seeing their tweets and involvement with tumblr. This is because they’re funny, kind, and care about the fans. However, they are also doing this because they are desperate to get more viewers. They know that the internet is a powerful tool, and they’re reaching out to as many people as they can.

Even if you don’t watch Hannibal, YOU CAN HELP. As stated in the original post, you can go onto Hulu and watch it. But you can also go to to NBC’s website, where you can find »»>FULL EPISODES«« without any kind of subscription. 

The best part is that you don’t even have to watch the episodes! If Hannibal isn’t your cup of tea, all you have to do is mute it, hit play, minimize the window, and go about you business.

For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE SAVE OUR SHOW. You’ve seen how passionate we are about this masterpiece on tumblr. We’re invested in these characters, their stories, and everyone involved.

Please. This is huge for the fans who have read the books and for those who haven’t. Just go to the website.

I can’t deal without this.


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Greaser!lock — Stolen Moments


You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like johnlock, teenlock, and greaserlock.

You: [Greaserlock AU] Speedy’s was the place to be on Friday nights. The juke box blared Presley as the waitresses whizzed around on the standard red and white roller blades, serving Milkshakes, burgers, and fries. The only male waiter of the joint buzzed around on his skates. His name tag read “Johnny”, his real name John Watson. He took their orders and hummed as he whirled back to the kitchen and hung the order. Next? The counter. He wheeled over to the counter, grinning as he saw his favourite regular. “Typical deluxe burger meal with a chocolate shake?” he asked, hand ready to write down the order.

Stranger: Sherlock cast his eyes over the young boy as he approached, and he couldn’t keep the smile from creeping up on his face. “Just the shake, I think.” He wore an old leather jacket, the collar turned up, and a pair of fading jeans. His dark hair had all been slicked back, save for one unruly curl which had escaped and bounced against his forehead. He leaned in closer over the counter, his voice dropping a little lower. “Unless you’re on the menu tonight.”

You: John raised an eyebrow as he wrote the order down, looking up at the boy. “You know some people aren’t that kind to what you’re implying,” he murmured before ripping the ticket from the pad and went to go make the milkshake. When he returned, he placed it in from tot the man, two cherries on top instead of the one.

Stranger: Sherlock lifted the glass, letting the straw linger in front of his lips for a moment. “I do hope I didn’t put you off too terribly.” He took a long slow sip, his eyes not leaving John’s for an instant. “Though, I’d still be interested to know when your shift ends.”

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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like aulock, and johnlock.

Stranger: (Deaf!Sherlock and Interpreter!John) I really do insist that you stop ‘paraphrasing’ my deductions to the police. If I want to call Donovan a short-sighted moron, it rather defeats the purpose if she never hears it. SH

You: Call her that yourself then. I’m not insulting someone that I barely know, Sherlock. JW

You: What’s the point of saying that besides to insult her? JW

Stranger: Perhaps if she hears it enough, she’ll see how foolish she’s being. And if I try and say it out loud, she pretends she can’t understand my “deaf accent”. It’s humiliating. SH

You: The only thing humiliating about your accent is the idiotic stigma that goes with it, and you know that. JW

All it would do is get everyone riled up and lose focus on the investigation. JW

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Last night the last thing I said was something terrible had happened, before darting off, and couldn’t get back in time to explain what was going on before the net cut out.

Last night, my brother got pulled over and got $1,127 dollars in tickets. From what, you ask? Property taxes being overdue and inability to pay insurance. My brother was going to pay both of those things THIS WEEK, had his manager not screwed him over and fired him.

They impounded our vehicle and he has 3 weeks to come up with the money. If he doesn’t? At least a year of jail time.

We’re trying to scrape together all the money we can. Our uncle owes us $300, my brother is going to sell his old, broken down car to the scrapyard, and we’re both going to sell blood(we both have o negative bloodtypes, which go for $50 a pint we’ve heard, and they take up to 2 pints at a time so…). But everything we had of value we could’ve sold was stolen months ago in a break in.

So…as much as I hate to ask it…I need donations. I would say commissions, but I really can’t do full commissions, as I’m between computers and can’t do digital art right now. If you donate though, I CAN give you a traditional sketch or something, just…please, please help me out here.

My mom died 3 years ago and my dad almost 1 year ago. My brother is all I have left in the world an if he goes to jail there is a BIG BIG BIG chance he wouldn’t come home alive, and he’s a good person…he shouldn’t be forced to suffer through jail time anyway.

The paypal address you can donate to is and just…send me an ask of what you would want sketched. I don’t care how complex it is, I’ll try my hardest, I just…I can’t let my brother go to jail.

by the way, if you want examples of my art, my art tag is here (’s+art ) so yeah

Alright guys, a little update. We managed to scrape together $262 for the first withdrawal, but we’re going to take out AGAIN on next monday(since paypal said it could take as little as 5 days for the check to arrive, that’d give us plenty of time).

Remember that the goal here is $500 total, which…would be super lovely, because we’d be able to get together the other like, $600 with fair ENOUGH ease.

And don’t forget to request sketches, I really don’t mind doing them!!

Current update: Haven’t gotten any more donations recently, so we’re still sitting just a little over halfway to the goal. We still have roughly I’m guessing about…8 days? To gather funds? From paypal, at least.

Status update: Just got another $87, so that’s $349 total. So close to the goal…!!

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#SherlockR3VEALED – Watch the first teaser trailer for Sherlock Series 3!

So, what did you think about the first trailer for Sherlock Series Three?

The teaser, featuring Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Mark Gatiss, Louise Brealey, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch runs for 25 seconds but features no actual footage from the third series itself.

It is instead an original creation by director Jason Thomson of Red Bee Media, who has created numerous original promotional trailers for the BBC. That said, it does hint at the major dramatic crux of the start of the third series - the inevitable reunion of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, after Sherlock faked his death at the conclusion of The Reichenbach Fall.

And yes, that is a striking new look for John too, don’t you think?

As you may notice, the trailer also carries no airdate for Sherlock Series Three in the UK. While the rough area that Sherlock may be broadcast in will become clearer in the months ahead, the actual definite date cannot be set until the completed episodes have been delivered to the BBC by Hartswood Films, so at the moment any dates you see online continue to be mere speculation.

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